Read what patients say about West Florida Surgery:

Dr. Berry

He is not your typical Dr. who has you in and out in minutes, he cares and is just one of if not the best I ever found. He’s great.

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I hate doctors. I avoid them at all costs. It took 5 doctors to finally find my primary care physician, over the course of 2 years. When I had a lump in my underarm that could have been anything, I was sent for numerous tests, which ultimately landed me in Dr. Berry’s office. I immediately loved him. He was kind, caring, compassionate, and took his time with me to ensure I knew my options and what I was up againist. He knew I was scared to death and made me laugh! Surgery was scheduled for 4 days after my consult and Dr. Berry had me laughing then as well, right there in my hospital bed. I was at ease, which is how you should feel going into surgery. I then saw him for follow up, and his wonderful demeanor continued. He was the most amazingly kind and gentle doctor I have ever met and would recommend him to anyone. I was impressed not only with his expertise and surgical skill, but his bedside manner, which is equally important when a patient is anxious, nervous and not knowing what to expect.

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Dr. Roth

Love, love, love this doctor. Excellent bedside manner, knowledgeable and caring. He didn’t treat me like he was in a hurry. I will highly recommend Dr. Roth to anyone who needs a surgeon!

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Dr. Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt after my surgery, and again after getting laboratory test results, called my wife a Saturday to make sure I was doing OK, and tell us the lab works was fine. He is a very caring man, and treats his patients with upmost respect.


Dr. Schmidt is not only a fine surgeon but he is also one of the most caring doctors I have ever met. The proof is that the nurses and other doctors I met at the hospitall all raved about his abilities and his concern for patients. I feel confident and comfortable in his care. He has my highest regard and recommendation.


Dr. Small

I came in March of 2012 and had my¬†procedure done. It’s called the Gastric Sleeve procedure. I’ve lost over 140 pounds in that 18 months span since then. I actually get a chance to play with my kids on a daily basis now. Being able to run up and down the fields, play sports, take them to the park and not have to tire out so quickly.¬†

Dr. Zuzga

I liked him right from the start, he usually gets his own patients from the waiting room and is always always pleasant. I would recommend him without hesitation.